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Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] What stand for T.C.M.?

[A] T.C.M. stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine


[Q] How is T.C.M. tested?

[A] The origins of T.C.M. are over 5 thousands of years old , most common ancient prescriptions have been in existence for thousands of years and tested on millions of Chinese over countless generations


[Q] Do you need a consultation before ordering herbal products from this website?

[A] Not if you have a prescription from another Chinese medicine practitioner or are already taking Chinese herbal products (Please read our terms and conditions before buying online)


[Q] Why do we advise customers not to “self prescribe”?

[A] Although each product has a brief “as is” explanation to its general use, this is not intended for the purpose of “self prescription” It is to aid customers identify a product they use or have been prescribed for their general health.


[Q] How many times will you need to pay for a “Full Consultation” if you are already taking a regular course of treatment with us?

[A] You pay only for the first “Full Consultation” subsequent consultations for on-going treatment is free.


[Q] Why might my prescription change during a course of treatment?

[A] Chinese herbal products are prescribed after a theory that follows a patient's symptoms, with the aim of treating the root cause of a condition. As symptoms change, so might the prescription that follows the theory.


[Q] What if you have any adverse effects when taking prescribed herbal products?

[A] If in doubt STOP the product and contact us for advise right away.


[Q] What if an item of your order is currently out of stock?

[A] We will email you with details of the item and give you the option of a full refund, including (if necessary) a refund of the postage.


[Q] Do we accept payment other than through PAYPAL?

[A] Yes, we accept direct bank transfers and cheques - full details on request.


[Q] What is our policy on refunds?

[A] Please re-fur to our “Guarantee” page


[Q] How long will my order take to arrive?

[A] Please re-fur to our “Delivery page”


[Q] Why don't we add detailed information about the use of specific herbal products on our website?

[A] We try to follow the main recommendation laid down for the sale herbal products in the E.U. (see details in our section on law) The sale of herbal products is allowed following a consultation with a herbal practitioner, at no time do we encourage customers to “self prescribe”