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We offer a full e commerce site to our customers that includes email consultancy and a range of Chinese herbalproducts which can be purchased on line through a secure link to Paypal. 

We offer patented Chinese herbal products in several different forms: tea, pills, granules, capsules, oil and cream. The herbal products all contain herbs that are grown naturally in China and manufactured under strict Chinese government control.

It is then imported in to the UK under controls imposed by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency - formerly the Medicines Control Agency. Also available from our website catalogue: Herbal oils for sports injuries to muscle and soft tissue.

Slimming teas to aid weight loss and 101 products to treat hair loss. If you require treatment for a condition not included in our scroll menus, please email your enquiry to our customer services and we’ll try to come up with a reply with in 24 hours.

Chinese Herbal Remedy offers herbal products to individuals seeking traditional Chinese medicine, alternative medicine, complimentary medicine or herbal remedies to balance their body's metabolism and aid their body's natural healing process.

Chinese medicine for every common condition, available from our website product catalogue include herbal remedies for: Stress related symptoms - irritation, anxiety, depression, Neurology disorders - headache, insomnia. Chest & respiratory - hay fever, colds, coughs and flu. Lower abdominal symptoms and syndromes - colitis, constipation, IBS, diarrhoea, Skin problems - acne, eczema. Bone & joints - swelling and arthritis.



Due in part to growing popularity of alternative medicine in the UK - in particular Chinese medicine- people are setting themselves up in a business where the government have limited controls on them.

Now an increasing number of people in the UK claim to be able to practice Chinese Herbal Medicine. Some of them have received proper training - for example in China's Traditional Chinese Medicine University Hospitals - and clearly some have not. As a result it is almost impossible for a member of the public to establish the authenticity or the validity of certificates held by a practitioner claiming qualification as a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

New UK legislation alongside proposed EU directives (governing the supply herbal medicines and food supplements) are soon to be implemented in a move for tighter regulation of herbalism in the UK.

For now if you need to verify the credentials of any herbal practitioner who is treating you, check out their membership of a government approved register.
At the moment there is a danger of the whole profession being sullied by a few rogue elements passing themselves off as practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine.

The public should be wary; a non-member will not be bound by the regulations of a professional body and may well not have professional insurance.